Camille GROOS was born in Luxembourg. After graduating in 1983 at the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, FRANCE, I worked for some years in community pharmacies and for an industrial company. Since 1992, I practice as a hospital pharmacist in Clinique St Elisabeth in Luxembourg, a small general hospital. Last year we merged with another small hospital in Luxembourg and we are supposed to move to a new building in 2003. Actually, I'm responsible for all the activities of the phamacy service.

One of the first projects after my arrival in the hospital was to organize a centralized preparation unit inside the area of the pharmacy. In 1994, I was a member of a working group, which was in charge of the elaboration of recommendations concerning the preparation, the administration and the manipulation of cytotoxics. I joined ISOPP as a member in Hambourg in 1995, and since then I'm the liaison for Luxembourg. I was one of the founding members of the European chapter of ISOPP in Prague in 2000, and by the way I was in charge of the organization of an oncolgy workshop "Quality Standards for the Oncolgy Pharmacy Service in Europe" in September 2001 in Luxembourg. This experience showed me that there are many pharmacists all over Europe, but I'm sure this is also true for the whole world, doing good projects in their daily oncology practice. Bringing together these people, listening to and learning from each other, in spite of national and cultural differences, should be one of the main objects of ISOPP. This is my motivation for accepting the nomination.