Saad Othman


I am a lecturer at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang, Malaysia where I teach a Cancer Chemotherapy course to the final year B.Pharm. students. I am also a preceptor for the Oncology Pharmacy clerkship for the M.Pharm. students. I established and practiced in the Oncology Pharmacy in the university teaching hospital since 1990 and currently also work as Oncology Pharmacy Visiting Consultant at two private hospitals in Penang. As the only Oncology Pharmacy Trainer in Malaysia I have conducted about 20 Oncology Pharmacy Workshops for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses and doctors. I have also given more than 100 lectures pertaining to oncology at various seminar and conferences, and produced Training Modules and provided Consultation Services in Oncology Pharmacy for hospitals in Malaysia.

I am a member of various oncology societies in Malaysia and attend most of their conferences and these had been the major source of input to my knowledge in oncology since 1990. I joined ISOPP in 1997 and have attended most of the international and regional ISOPP Symposia since then presenting at ISOPP V (Sydney 1997), ISOPP VII (Prague 2000), NZW XI (Hamburg 2001) and ISOPP VIII (Vancouver 2002). I became ISOPP liaison for Malaysia in 1997 and was elected to the ISOPP Secretariat in 2002. I was also unofficial "photographer" at ISOPP VIII and you can see some of my photos with the July 2002 ISOPP Newsletter.

My long-term mission is to establish Oncology Pharmacy Practice in Malaysia and to produce Standards of Oncology Pharmacy Practice suitable for Malaysia and other developing countries. In order to achieve this, I regard continuous support from ISOPP and networking with its members is absolutely necessary. As a Secretariat member, I will try to increase the awareness of ISOPP in Asia, and promote the benefits of membership, and attendance at ISOPP Symposia in my region.