Robert J. Ignoffo



Ignoffo Bob

Department of Clinical Pharmacy,

521 Parnassus Ave, Rm C 152,

University of California, San Francisco Ca 94143-0622 1-4154766632


I have been an oncology pharmacist for over 20 years and Clinical Professor at University of California San Francisco since 1987. I have enjoyed observing the many changes that have occurred in the medical specialty of Oncology over this time. I think that oncology pharmacists have played an extremely important role in the growth of oncology, not only in the United States, but worldwide. I applaud all of those who have played such an integral part in adding to our successes in changing practice.

The development of Oncology Pharmacy as a specialty has and will continue to go a long way toward solidifying our role in the oncology area. I have been an advocate for the collaborative practice model in general, but have a desire to see every practice have their own oncology pharmacist that would be involved in not only safe distribution services, but also an expanded scope of practice. The recent paper by the American College of Physicians published in the January issue of Annals of Internal Medicine (2002;136:79-85) has called for collaborations between the medical profession and pharmacists to enhance patient safety and quality of care. The time is ripe for the pharmacy professor to move on this offer and I hope that those in oncology will work toward this goal. In my position as Secretary of the ISOPP Secretariat, I offer my knowledge and experience in an effort to enhance ISOPP's organizational goals and objectives and bring us to another level of dedication and excellence.