Franca Goffredo


Franca Goffredo lives in the countryside, a few kilometers from Turin, and works in Candiolo at the Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment, of which she is the head of the Pharmacy Service. Franca, born in Apulia 46 years ago, is specialized in Hospital Pharmacy at the University of Milano with the thesis on oncology pharmacy and attended the recent course on oncology pharmacy at the University of Milano.

For years she has been involved in the diffusion of the Oncology Pharmacy in Italy, where she is the coordinator of the Italian Society of Hospital Pharmacy (SIFO)-Oncological Area, SIG Cancer Care ESCP coordinator and an active member of ISOPP which follows since 1993 (liaison for Italy).

Untiring organizer of meetings and educational programmes in oncology in Italy, having coordinated numerous working groups, among which elaborated the “Guidelines for the Handling of Cytotoxic Drugs” by SIFO, she participated at the ISPESL Working Group meeting for the prevention of risks derived from use of chemotherapeutic drugs in health environments (Rome 1995 )

She was among the first in Italy to be involved in the preparation of oncology therapies and pain controlled therapies; she was involved in the organizational and technical aspects of the Pharmacy laboratory of the San Giovanni A.S. Hospital in Turin, Oncology Department for the centralized and computerized preparation of chemotherapy drugs; this activity began in 1991.

She presented numerous reports at various national and international meetings.

Franca is very anxious to improve the aspects of communication of and information about the pharmacological therapies, attentive to the global problems of patients, which comes from previous involvement in social problems and perhaps from personal sensitivity. She was the promoting and the Chairwoman of the first National Oncology Congress held in Naples (2000 –November– 16-18) and she was also Chairwoman of the 23rd SIFO national Congress, held in Turin (2201- September 30-November 1-2).